3 Reasons why you need a Digital Marketing Agency.

Digital Marketing agency

When you wish to grow your business, how your Marketing is handled plays a key role in your overall business growth and the decision of hiring a Digital Marketing agency or developing an in-house team could be confusing. Based on the market study (read experience) below are the major 3 reasons why you need a Marketing Agency.

  1. Save Time on Training, Onboarding, and management: The Major issue business face is hiring right candidates and once the team is hired its training, onboarding and making them understand their roles can take months. With an agency it is completely different, you kick-start your marketing almost instantly, no hassle of on-boarding, training etc. You can focus on what you do the best, running your business. Plus, you don’t need to invest on Premium tools and image stocks used by agencies.
  2. Save Money: Apart from the salaries you spend a lot on electricity, Office rent, Basic allowances and Healthcare etc. But even if you only consider salaries as the only expenses the standard salaries are below:
    SEO Manager: ₹ 40,000- ₹50,000 per month
    Social Media Manager: ₹30,000 -₹45,000 per month
    Graphic Designer: ₹20,000-₹40,000 per month
    Marketing Manager: ₹40,000-₹80,000 per month
    While if you engage an agency they will be charged somewhere around ₹ 40,000- ₹1,00,000 Per month depending on your requirement. You can also upgrade and downsize the services according to your budget anytime.
  3. You get the access to the industry experts: When you engage with an agency you get the pool of talented and “best in the industry” people with diversified experience in different fields. The agency will also bring the “Alternative view” of the way your business is looked. As a business owner, you need “out of the box” ideas to beat your competitors.

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