Local Business Marketing

Marketing for local business require more geographical focused approach, Local business marketing is a important part of comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy. The traditional approach of SEO will not be enough here, New targeted strategies are required to target the local audience.

Service Process

Below are the important local marketing techniques and DigiPanda Consulting uses all of them tactically to bring desired results for you.






Our Local Marketing Services

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO when done in a certain Geography becomes local SEO, Local SEO is the first step we take towards launching clients Digital Marketing strategy. We make sure that the website is fully indexed and cached regularly by major search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo etc.
Next step is doing local listing and optimizing pages of Google + and few other local business websites, by using content ( video,Text ,Images Etc.) as a tool we push our local SEO and attract local traffic by ranking high on listing and search results.


Local Business Directory Listings

We expertise in creating profiles and backlinks from many local listing business directories like Yelp ! and Google+. These activities helps in making client’s website more visible.

Local PPC

Local PPC is one of the quickest way to attract local customers to your business. These ads are shown within a limited Geographic area. You only get target traffic which is likely to get more conversions.


Social Media Marketing

Similar to Local PPC social media marketing can also be done locally, limited to a local geographical area. Social Media helps you to get the mind share of your prospects and drive their buying decisions.
The Social media ads can also be driven in specific area to better results in limited budget.


Local SEO Service in India

A thorough geographical analysis is required while marketing for local SEO services India. Digipanda provides the best local business marketing services in India. Local business marketing is an important part of digital marketing strategy. The old traditional SEO approach will not work here and so new strategies are required to reach the local audiences. With Digipanda you can have local SEO services in India. We at Digipanda with our experienced and highly skilled consultants will help you to promote your local business using all the techniques of marketing. When SEO is done in a confined boundary it becomes local SEO services. Digipanda has already spread it wings in the local SEO services Delhi circuit. We at Digipanda do local listing and optimize the pages of Google+ by using content to push our local SEO and attract local traffic. Local business internet marketing needs local SEO which is provided by us.

Digipanda which has excelled as a local SEO company India creates profiles and helps in making the client’s website more visible to people. One of the best ways to do local business marketing is local PPC or pay-per-click service. These PPC ads are displayed within a fixed geographical boundary so that it can reach maximum local people. Local search marketing company India is also served by us at Digipanda. Digipanda has also excelled itself as local search marketing agency Noida. Social media marketing which is similar to local PPC can also be done for local business marketing which also gets limited to a boundary. The ads in social media can also be driven to particular area for better results given a fixed budget.